IP for the Business Lawyer

I recently teamed up with Law to the People to provide guidance on Intellectual Property law to business lawyers.  Here's the presentation.  The full slide deck is posted on ahajiamos.com.

This blog post and presentation is not meant to offer legal advice as I am not your attorney and we have no client-attorney relationship.  Those reading this should seek independent legal counsel. 

Ahaji Amos is an attorney at Ahaji Amos, PLLC, and consultant at the Series A Institute.  The Series A Institute positions early-stage women and minority-led companies for equity financing through education. Series A multi-day workshops convene start-up businesses, with a focus on women and minority-led start-ups, for training sessions, roundtables, and networking events to assist them in positioning their companies for alternative financing. Through workshop sponsorship opportunities, we provide agencies and established businesses the chance to develop new business contacts, leads, and partnerships, to enhance brand awareness and recognition, to support local start-ups and to fulfill small and minority business commitments.  Ahaji Amos, PLLC is dedicated to representing entrepreneurs, inventors, and innovators.