The U.S. Patent law allows an inventor to claim the benefit of an earlier filed provisional patent application IF that application is replaced by a non-provisional utility patent application within one year. Inventors file provisional applications for several reasons. The most common reason is that there is a need to "shop" the invention around before deciding to invest in the utility application filing. U.S. law prohibits the filing of a utility patent application more than 12-months after an invention has been sold, offered for sale, patented, published in a printed publication, or in public use. For this reason alone, it's essential to secure a filing date BEFORE the invention is presented to others. Provisional applications generally cost around $1,000 and have very low filings fees, which are usually only about $70 for most inventors. Utility applications, on the other hand, generally cost 3-4 times as much as a provisional and the costs of the associated prosecution average around $10,000. As such, provisionals offer a great alternative to those who have not yet decided to invest in a utility patent application.

Often, inventors miss the 12-month deadline for filing the utility application. All is not lost. There are options available:

1. There's a 2-month grace period! - A petition for reinstatement may be used to "revive" an expired provisional patent application filed no more than 14 months prior. The cost is high. Fees range from $850-$1,700, just for the petition alone. And, the petition may not be granted if the delay was not clearly unintentional.

2. Don't do anything - If there has not been an activity that would bar the patentability of the invention in a later-filed application, there's no need to worry.

3. File a new provisional - You may file a new provisional that includes that adds more detail or new features to what was disclosed in the previous provisional.

4. Refile the provisional - Again, if there has not been any activity that would bar the patentability of the application, you can merely refile the provisional. Just remember the one-year bar. Just know that the second provisional can't claim priority to the first. You'll only be able to use the filing date of the second in any later-filed utility application. There is some risk that another may have filed a patent application on the same invention before the filing of the second , so it's important to act quickly.

5. File a utility application - If there has been a public use, an offer for sale, a public disclosure, writing describing the invention more than 12 months prior to the filing date of the utility, (or any of ther other bars) then this is not an option.

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