We are different.  And, we like it.  

Our firm can provide small firm service with big firm experience, education, and support services.  We offer competent representation at low, predictable rates because we are efficient.  We don't charge the clients for training new law graduates, fancy office spaces, fancy parties or any of that pompous, showy big law firm stuff.  We want to represent our clients to the best of our ability.  You don't need a fancy law office to do that.

We Seek…

We are actively seeking legal professionals with outstanding academic credentials and exceptional professional experience.  Our attorneys typically join us after several years of successful practice in leading law firms, corporate legal departments, and/or the government.  Or, they are solos who want to spend more time serving clients and not running a business.

We Offer…

  • There are no minimum billing quotas;
  • You earn significantly more per billable hour;
  • You can leverage your time and earn a percentage of the fees collected from all work performed for clients you bring in, even when another attorney is doing the work;
  • Our compensation model is completely transparent, upfront, and objective;
  • You can work from any physical location that you or your client desire;
  • You can have a true flexible schedule; and
  • You can experience a meaningful work-life balance while in a different, and better, law firm environment.

You Keep More...

You keep 70% of what you collect.  Our 20% origination fee is generous.  That means, if you bill your client $250/hour and you work part-time, 4 hours per day, your annual salary would be $182,000.  Not bad for part-time work.  If you worked at a big firm, you'd be working 10-12 hours per day, six days per week to make the same salary.  And, you'd have to drive to work in a suit.  

If you are a solo, you'd be able to bill those 4 hours per day because we'd take care of the billing/collections, human resource management, and overall firm administration, so that you can be a lawyer in the morning and take the afternoon off.

Contact Us...

We are actively seeking attorneys with at least 6 years of experience and $150,000 in portal business.  Please send your resume and cover letter to:  joinus@ahajiamos.com