Can I Patent My Software Application? Maybe, Soon.

Software application developers, your day might be coming!  A bipartisan proposal has just released that REMOVES the judicially-created non-sensical exception to Section 101 patent eligibility (the one that prevents nearly all software applications from being patented because they are “abstract ideas”). 

The bill:

  • prevents “abstract ideas,” “laws of nature,” or “natural phenomena,” from being used to determine patent eligibility under section 101

  • add a subsection (k) to Section 100 defining “useful” as “any invention or discovery that provides specific and practical utility in any field of technology through human intervention.”

Every patent attorney I know thinks the near-ban on software patents was wrong. I thank our congresspersons for finally getting around to addressing the issue and applaud the inclusive process. Senate hearings on the topic are on June 4, 5 and 11.

Let’s reexamine the eligibility of your software application in light of this proposed bill.

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