Creating a valuable intellectual property portfolio is useless unless you can capitalize on that value.  We can help you sell, license, or buy intellectual property rights, including, patents, copyrights, trademarks, or trade secrets.


1.    I’ve got a patent, but I don’t have the money to manufacture and distribute it.  Do I have options?

2.    I have a new invention, but I think someone has a patent on one component of it. Do I have to get their permission to use it, my part is new?

3.    I got patents back in college that I’ve never done anything with.  Can I make money off of them?




Once you have identified a seller for your intellectual property, we facilitate the transfer of ownership.  Transferring ownership is not as simple as it may seem due to complex rules related to the transfer of non-tangible property, like intellectual property.  



Patent licensing is an option for companies that have patent portfolios with broad applicability across an industry or many industries as technologies converge. We can manage licensing discussions with prospective licensees or build litigation-driven partnerships with law firms, investors, and other licensing partners.



Companies may seek to obtain patents for a variety of reasons including 1) protection of product development efforts, 2) compliment internal licensing efforts and 3) bolster asset base for capital raising discussions.  We work with companies to identify patent portfolios that fit client directives and collaborate with those potential sellers to negotiate and close a transaction.